The Healing Power of Nourishing Touch

Nourishing touch is a basic human need. Babies, toddlers and children know it. However, somewhere we lost connection with that need and so many of us do not have enough touch in our lives. Sadly, in our society, non sexual touch between adults is rarely practiced and many people find it intimidating, difficult, strange, and even scary.
In this workshop, we want to invite you to rediscover the innocence and playfulness of nourishing, conscious touch, at your own pace. Through guided exercises, we will be creating a safe space where you will have the opportunity to explore your boundaries, and the powerful, healing effects touch brings.
Hanna and João create a safe & lovingly held space for you to open, discover and journey deeper into your sensual self, using simple yet effective exercises of conscious touch. There will also be elements of movement, breath and conscious communication.
An opportunity for you to feel into and authentically express your wants, needs and desires. A beautifully held container to explore your emotional responses, your sensuality, your connection to yourself and relationship to others.
Nourishing, conscious touch is one of the foundations of Tantra. Tantra creates a way to awareness, authenticity and acceptance to all that we feel and everything that we are.
Through the practice of Tantra comes emotional, spiritual and sexual healing, helping us to fully reclaim and step into our power; bringing light, confidence and consciousness to all of the different parts of ourselves.
In this workshop you will:
  • Find ways to become more in touch with your body.
  • Experience the healing effects of nourishing touch in a safe and loving environment.
  • Learn how to bring awareness to possible blocked emotions and find ways to release & transform them.
  • Challenge yourself at your own rhythm.
  • Explore your sensual, playful & innocent side in empowering and enjoyable ways.
  • Increase self-confidence, consciousness and the ability to express yourself.
  • Celebrate your sensuality, creativity and power, enabling you to become more comfortable in your interactions with others.
Be warned: once you rediscover the innocence of human touch, you are very likely to begin adding it more into your everyday life!
This workshop is an opportunity to experience what we offer, meet like minded others and have fun, whilst being provided with tools that can aid in growth and expansion, which you can then incorporate into your daily life.
Held at at lovely venue in Brighton- address to be given upon booking.
£60 Early Bird Price if booked before 1st December, £75 thereafter.
For more information email-
**fee is non-refundable unless the workshop is cancelled, but a credit will be issued in the event of unavoidable cancellation up to 14 days before the workshop begins**
We welcome everyone- from beginners and more advanced, all backgrounds/ walks of life, singles/couples, all genders/sexual orientations, beliefs & experience. Please note there will be no full nudity on our one day workshops.

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