“I note of appreciation to say how extraordinary our day together was for me.
You both held the space and each of us with such love and care that I am really moved to think back on it.
I cannot tell you how important it was for me to be touched with such love and tenderness. After simply too long and to feel my body responding – coming alive. I cannot express the profound healing that came for me in that moment and that has stayed with me since.
I am so grateful for this work you are both bringing.What a gift…!”

~ Phil ~

“Just wanted to say thank you for an amazing workshop on Saturday. I am feeling infinitely more in my power and embodied.
I thought your facilitation style was flawless. It was the right balance of really holding a deep, loving space and also being fun!
I honestly had the best time. I rocked up in such a closed state, feeling really down. Throughout the workshop I felt myself opening and opening, have really amazing connections and experiences.
I am still feeling really positive days after the workshop. I honestly would not have been able to have this experience if you guys hadn’t held such a safe, authentic and welcoming space. So THANK YOU!!”

~ Frejya Hunt ~

“I left with  sense that somehow, in some way, I knew myself better than I did before…Thank you”

~ Guy ~

“This work is life changing. If you want to find a special, magical space and the right, loving, authentic people to hold that space for you, then Hanna & João are the people to go to. I’ve never come across such a gentle yet incredible way to explore my sexuality, innocence and passion before. Not only in workshop space but with one-to-one coaching too. I can’t express my gratitude enough for having come across these guys.”

~ Matthew ~

“Hanna and Joao hold safe sacred space in a truly beautiful empowering way.  With their support and guidance I was able to push edges I have never dared to really test before.  Even when an exercise had a very difficult outcome, their love and authenticity made the experience a deeply healing and powerful one.
I wholeheartedly recommend their work to anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of themselves within a joyful, playful, occasionally challenging space”
~ Tamsyn ~


“I wanted to tell you that the workshops helped me a lot.
I needed tools to learn how to listen to the heart, and to be true to myself. I would like to stay on this path. I feel that there’s more to learn there, and that’s what I want to learn now. I’m really happy to have that opportunity. I appreciate the job you’re doing a lot.
Thank you both for your amazing work, for the workshop, the space to share. I still feel so opened and full of life and I feel I could stay like this while going through daily stuff.”

~ Dorota ~

“We came to the workshop not quite knowing what to expect and left with so much more than we could have dreamed of. Our relationship had been quite stuck for a while and although the love was still very present, we felt we’d both lost our ability for real connection and to truly see one another. During the two days, our hearts were burst wide open and our love renewed. It was like we suddenly understood each other, like never before. It took us back to the beginning and to a realisation that we’d never lost each other. Now, we’re able to take all the learnings from the workshop and put so much love, focus & consciousness into our relationship.

Thank you Hanna & João for offering us the space to grow together- you are a shining light in this world.

~ Gemma & Sam ~

“Thanks to João and Hanna for another excellent workshop that provided a very safe space to explore my boundaries and lots of new experiences both sensual and emotional. I will return to explore my fears and boundaries some more”
~ Barbara ~

“I would like to say a huge thanks to Hanna & João and the team for a fantastic weekend and a special thanks to guys who went on this emotional and magical journey with me. I can’t make the London event but will look to make future events.

If you’re considering a workshop with Hanna’s and João but not quite sure, I highly recommend it.”

~ Darren ~

“I love working with Hanna and João. They work from the heart, and I feel completely safe and held by them. This workshop was just what I needed. I realised I hadn’t included enough touch in my life, and to go over boundaries again (which I thought I knew) was really beneficial, because I realised I hadn’t been asserting my boundaries enough in my day to day life. It was a wonderful group of people, where we openly shared our struggles and blocks, and I felt truly at home. Thank you so much!

~ Lucy Rowett ~

“We made eye contact and did not break it for the whole time. What we both experienced was so powerful. We connected deeply like we did when we first met. It was like silently speaking to each other’s souls. The rest of the room disappeared and it was just me and Gra. By the end if it we were both in tears.

Gra said it was like when we first fell in love. He said ‘I see you. I really see you.’ I knew he meant it. He said he saw the person he fell in love with, his friend, his lover. He saw the mother of his children.  He said he had forgotten how beautiful my eyes were because he never really looked at them any more. I felt the same but knew we had to do something to reconnect somehow. I was desperate not to lose our marriage but we were being so unkind to each other and driving each other away.

We are learning to take down the masks and reconnect using what you taught us.

Thanks Again to both of you.”

~ Wendy~

“I went on the workshop on the 30th May and it was my first experience of a tantra workshop.
I felt you both held the space beautifully and made it a very safe environment where I felt very comfortable. But you both were also able to help me push beyond my boundaries and take a few more steps forward.
What I particularly loved was that you guys were so open and honest about your own experiences…..It made it feel very real and helped me to be relaxed and comfortable.
The exercises were mind blowing and really helped me to grow and develop, I can still feel the changes in me from the workshop two months later.
I had some really profound experiences on your workshop that I will always remember, particularly the boundary exercises. This brought up a lot of stuff for me that I wasn’t expecting and I found it really helpful.
I would definitely like to do more  of your courses because I think the impact that just that small taster session had on me was profound.
Not only was it a life enhancing workshop it was great fun and we all left the workshop high on life (and didn’t come down for a few days!)
Thank you both very much.”

~ L  ~

“Hanna and Joao created a loving and relaxing atmosphere in which one could feel safe to explore boundaries, dance, laugh and make new friends. I enjoyed it very much and am looking forward to the next workshop, the new revelations and friends that will come with it”

~Claudia ~

“I’ve done various Tantra workshops in the past yet there was something refreshingly different about  this one. Hanna & João work so beautifully together- you can see the love, commitment and passion they have, not only for this work but for each other. I loved Hanna’s grace, softness and sensuality mixed with João’s gentleness, awareness and compassion. The space they create allows for freedom, diversity and so much growth.

Thank you so, so much.”

~ Daniel ~