Sun & Moon Festival

Sun and Moon returns in 2016 for what promises to be an even more wonderful week of well-being, if indeed that’s possible, after such an amazing week in 2015

DATES: 14th to 21st August 2016
LOCATION: Plumpton College, near Brighton

Hanna and João will be teaching three workshops over the course of the week.

Tantra creates ways to awareness, authenticity and acceptance of all that you are and everything that you feel. From that space of deep acceptance you will be encouraged to deepen connection with others from a place of openness & love.

Through the practice of Tantra comes deep embodied healing, helping us to fully reclaim our power & bringing light, confidence and consciousness to all of the different parts of ourselves.

Hanna and João will be creating a safe, beautiful and lovingly held space for you to explore, express and inviting you to go deeper into yourself.

You will be guided through a journey that enables you to get out of your mind, drop into your body, celebrate all the colours of your being and say yes to life.

Through a series of exercises using touch, breath and movement, you are invited to fully connect with yourself and others with a full and open heart.