Tantra Magick- Discovering and Transforming Hidden Parts of Your Sexual Being

Hanna and João will be creating a safe, beautiful and lovingly-held space for you to explore, express and journey deeper into yourself.

Tantra creates a way to awareness, authenticity and acceptance to all that you feel and everything that you are.

From that place of deep acceptance you will be encouraged to deepen connection with yourself and others from a place of openness & love.

In this workshop you will:

  • Find a space to give yourself permission be your true self, in all your richness and variety.
  • Learn how to be aware of your blocked emotions and negative patterns that keep you from fulfilling your full potential & find ways to release & transform them.
  • Find ways to rid yourself of masks that no longer serve you.
  • Get in touch with your creative & flirtatious side in empowering, positive, fun & juicy ways.
  • Build self-confidence, consciousness & learn to express your wants & needs, even when difficult or challenging.
  • Be invited to connect with all parts of you, including those you may have kept hidden or rarely appear in your life, from your childish to your wildest side and everything in-between.
  • Be encouraged to playfully interact with others from a place of authenticity and openness.
  • Look at ways in which shame & negative beliefs may have held you back in your relationships, intimacy and sexuality & how to move towards fulfilling, pleasurable and loving connections.

In this workshop we aim to offer you a space where you can expand, discover & celebrate your true & authentic self & ultimately enjoy your sexuality with clarity, consciousness, playfulness, and fun.

This workshop is open to everyone – any gender, orientation, experience level or relationship status.

**Please email workshops@schooloferoticmysteries.com to book and confirm your place**