Loving Your Sensual Self – A Taste of Tantra

Hanna and João will be creating a safe, nourishing and lovingly held space for you to explore, express and journey deeper into your wants, needs & desires, your sexuality & your authentic connection with yourself and how you relate to others.

Tantra creates a way to awareness, authenticity and acceptance to all that we feel and everything that we are. Through the practice of Tantra comes emotional and sexual healing, helping us to fully reclaim our sexual power, bringing light, confidence and consciousness to all of the different parts of ourselves.

By finding ways to empower yourself as a sexual being, you will open the door to all other areas of your life and bring fourth healing, awareness, joy & transformation.

Through a series of exercises, using touch, breath and movement, you are invited to truly connect with yourself and others with a full and open heart.

In this workshop you will:

  • Find ways to rid yourself of masks that no longer serve you.
  • Learn how to bring awareness to possible blocked emotions and find ways to release & transform them.
  • Be more in touch with your body.
  • Build self-confidence and learn to live more consciously with yourself and your relationships.
  • Challenge yourself at your own rhythm, in a safe and loving environment.
  • Explore your sensual, playful & innocent side in empowering, fun & juicy ways.

This workshop is an opportunity to taste what we offer, meet like minded others and have some fun whilst being provided with tools that can aid in growth & expansion.