International Tantra Festival Estonia

International Tantra Festival held for the third year with nearly 800 participants is evidently the world’s biggest festival dedicated to the powerful science of Tantra. The focus of the festival, taking place on July 17-19 in Estonia, Viljandimaa, Venevere resort, is on getting to know oneself better and creating and maintaining happy relationships.

Hanna and João will be running two workshops at this wonderful festival.

The Art of Surrender

Learn the art of surrender, with yourself and with the other, in this empowering and sensual workshop.
allowing yourself the freedom of trust and acceptance. Give yourself permission to connect, to be seen
and be held. Surrendering to what is, in pleasure, playfulness and innocence.

Using all four senses (sight, hearing, smell and touch) you will be invited to explore through various
exercises in this fun & free workshop space. The structures will mainly be in groups and pairs. We ask that
you bring a sarong and blindfold to this workshop, along with an open mind.

Honouring the Divine Feminine & Masculine

In this intimate and delicious workshop, we come together in our masculine and feminine power to
embrace our sexuality, vulnerability and beauty to celebrate the Divine in all of us.

An opportunity to honour the light in each other; to love and be loved whilst inviting you to journey into a deep and empowering ritual of giving and receiving.

This workshop involves various exercises using touch and breath before we move into ritual space to
honour and celebrate the Divine Feminine & Masculine in all of us.

Due to needing equal numbers, we ask that you bring a partner of the opposite sex to the workshop but you will not necessarily be working with them. We also ask that you bring a sarong, blindfold and open heart.

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