Desires & Boundaries- Stepping into your Yes & Your No..

Tantra and Conscious Relating Workshop

With Hanna & João

Wednesday, 4th November

How many times in life did you say ‘yes’ to something when you really didn’t want to and  ‘no’ to something your heart would have loved to?

In this practical introductory workshop, you will be encouraged to step into the power of your true, authentic YES and NO.

Through exercises using touch, movement and conscious communication, you will get the
opportunity to interact and connect with others, look at ways of listening to what it is you truly want in life, bring awareness to your desires and needs and how to express them. And have fun!

An invitation to come and taste what we offer and meet like-minded others whilst being provided with tools that can aid in growth & expansion.

Suitable for both singles & couples of all genders and sexual orientations.

Please email for more info and to book.