Awareness, Relationship & Sexuality Coaching

Contrary to popular belief, tantra is not really about sex (although any feelings and emotions related to sexuality are welcome like any other). In fact, the main principle of tantra is to welcome and accept, without judgement, EVERYTHING that we are, in our wonderful and very human complexity and messiness. That includes the parts that society usually tries to edit out. So we welcome, not only joy, happiness, laughter, but also feelings and emotions that society sees as our shadows, and that we often spend a lifetime avoiding. Emotions such as anger, sadness, shame, violent thoughts, greediness, selfishness, fears, sexual desire, etc. They are all part of who we are.

What we do in our coaching sessions is to create a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space for you to voice anything that you need and explore your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Our aim is to support, bring awareness & clarity to your life, and provide you with tools for you to understand yourself better. From that place of understanding and acceptance, you can then bring healing to your heart and soul and start the process of changing patterns of thought and behaviour that no longer serve you.

To accept and understand ourselves fully is a basic pre-condition for us to start the amazing process of living our lives to our fullest potential.


We are social beings. The overwhelming majority of the happiest and darkest moments of our lives are triggered by our relationship with others. The way we relate to the people around us, especially close ones (partners, parents, close friends, etc), is often a reflection of the way we relate to ourselves.

For that reason, by addressing an issue you have within a close relationship of yours, you can understand yourself better. You will then be able to bring clarity and healing, not only to yourself, but to the relationship dynamic, and ultimately the other person as well.

Couples Relationships

We very much welcome couples to our sessions. We know how relationships can be hard work. The more you love someone, the more likely that person will trigger you, and bring up strong feelings and insecurities. That often leads to unhealthy relationship dynamics. For example, when you are in a relationship what is more important for you: do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?

If you are having difficulties as a couple or there is any aspect of your relationship you would like support with, come and have a chat with us.


When we talk about sexuality, we are referring to its broadest sense. From how to deal with feelings of rejection, to fears of asking out someone we are attracted to, insecurities about our bodies, shame in asking for what we want sexually, feelings of guilt associated with sexuality, the list is endless.

Because sexuality is still very much a taboo in our society, almost all of us have been brought up in an environment where feelings and emotions related to anything sexual were not openly expressed. That means that, growing up, and especially when we reached puberty, we were not taught how to deal with the strong emotions that sex evokes in us. That often caused those insecurities to be imprinted in us and often never voiced.

By voicing and addressing these problems, you can then bring healing, not only to issues brought up by sexuality, but also to any other areas of your everyday life. For example, if for you it is difficult to ask for what you want sexually, and we address that, you will then be more confident to voice what you want in all other aspects of your life (with your boss, your parents, your friends, etc). Ultimately, addressing sexuality is a very powerful tool that will bring healing to your whole being.

Everything that is shared in our sessions is off course, strictly confidential.

Sessions are with João, Hanna or the both of us, depending on what you prefer and last around 60-75 minutes.

If you feel we can support you, get in touch for a chat and for more information and find out if this is right for you-

We look forward to hearing from you.